"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)


To equip individuals with tools to advance God's Kingdom in the community and beyond.

"GHFCC is what I call God's University. I came in broken and wounded not knowing how much my past had affected my walk with Christ. I was suffering with depression and low-self esteem, but the discipleship classes, my P12 leader, and my sisters and brothers in Christ has kept me aligned. I started in 2014 and NOW in 2018 I can say I am in recovery on my way to progress.”
- Brittany Nunley

"Two years ago I was searching for something in life. I was not sure what it was nor why because I was very familiar with the church. I came to a discipleship graduation at GHFCC, & hearing so many people give the meaning of their name and  purpose statement totally baffled me. I remember thinking wow I would LOVE to be able to do that....so when the opportunity came I took it..... All my life I had felt I was born to exist in the world and that's it! In class not only did I found out I was created for a purpose, and the meaning of my name...I also found out I'm a leader....how to love.....forgive.... accept God's will....how to connect....pray.....read the Bible with intention, how to apply scripture, how & why to fast & pray, what it means to be held accountable  and that what I was searching for all the while was Christ The Lord!”
- Kawesta McCray

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Pastor Lawrence Peoples, Sr.

As senior pastor of Going Hard For Christ Church, I would love to extend an invitation to be a part of learning the Word of God with us. Come prepared to experience our warm atmosphere, the freedom to worship through song and dance, and practical teachings of the Word of God for an abundant life in Christ.

We are excited about God’s plan for your life and look forward to you being our guest.



Kimberly Roberson
Executive Assistant
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Dean & Keren Heath
Youth Pastors
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Kendall B. Jackson
Discipleship Director
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